Level Acres Farm - Garden Center - Seasonal Harvest

Garden Center

flowersSpending time at a garden center is an experience that touches all of the senses. The heavenly scent of a peony, the buzz of a bumblebee, the sugary taste of a stevia leaf, the sea of colorful flowers in bloom. If one were to describe our garden center in a word, stimulating would be most fitting.

There's so much to explore, from the newest plant introductions to whimsical garden art. Bring the family; there's sure to be something of interest to everyone. This is a place both beginning and expert gardeners enjoy. Through our knowledgeable plant staff and informative signage, we aim to provide an easy and educational shopping experience. Whether it's answering questions and making suggestions or helping to load the car, we're here to help. We stock plenty of the classic garden performers as well as the more exotic. Our plant material is New England grown by some of the best greenhouses in the region.

  • potsIn the Spring we have a wide selection of seeds.
  • We have farming in our roots; the vegetable department is close to our heart. We carry over 20 varieties of tomato plants!
  • Spice up your life with an amazing array of herbs.
  • frogAnnuals in countless colors - you'll be sure to find many great possibilities.
  • Perennials come back every year. There's a place for these in any landscape design.
  • Assorted flowering shrubs, evergreens, and small trees.
  • Hanging baskets in many different sizes and colors.
  • Potting soil, planting mix, compost, and more are available in bags.
  • A unique selection of pottery and garden art that bring interest to any garden.
  • mumsAn assortment of useful garden tools and accessories.
  • Screened loam, compost, and bark mulch are available for delivery or pick-up in our materials yard.
  • Fall brings a large display of mums and decorative cabbage to pair with your pumpkins.