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Garden Whimsy

We believe in planting to make a statement. We plan and plant the colors and flowers that make us happy. Then we sit back and watch everything grow and flourish. What if we told you, you could take your garden one step further by accessorizing!

We have expanded our selection of garden decor and have something for everyone.

2015-04-07 11.29.20 2Fairy Gardens - Self contained in a pot or on a larger scale, fairy gardens add something unexpected and different to your garden! We have houses and just about everything a fairy or Gnome could need. Your fairy garden can change with the seasons. And if planted on a small scale with succulents, you can bring it in an enjoy it all winter. Stop in and let us help you create your very own fairy garden.

Stone Art - For those who appreciate a more natural look, we have a great selection of boulder and stone art.

gardenfriendsGarden Friends - How adorable are these guys! Available in an array of colors and styles with a beautiful glazed finish.

Light Up The Night - This line of glow in the dark garden decor adds sparkle even after the sun sets.

Metal Art - Bold colors and rustic finshes will become a conversation piece for sure! Large statement pieces and small hidden treasures are bound to bring about smiles.