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Have you heard about Coast of Maine?

comlogoIt's a pretty common occurrence to hear our customers and fellow gardeners raving about Coast of Maine and their products. So we know how effective and nourishing it can be. The results speak for themselves but we wanted to dig a little deeper. So we called upon our Coast of Maine representative, Sue Lavalle. She agreed to meet with our staff and explain how and why it works as well as it does.

"Feed your soil, and it will feed you", Sue told us. In this case, let Coast of Maine feed your soil. Lobster and crab shells are rich in calcium and chitin and help make plants grow strong and disease resistant. Plants need calcium for cell wall development and growth which, in turn, increases plant vigor and disease resistance. Chitin has been proven to assist in controlling soil and foliar plant pathogens that cause fungal, viral and bacterial conditions.

Many of the Coast of Maine products are OMRI listed, by the Organic Materials Review Institute. This listing means that the listed products have been reviewed and are certified for use in organic production, handling and processing. They work closely with Pineland Farms, a Maine based farm that uses no bovine growth hormones or antibiotics. This is where they get their cow and poultry manure.

Sue also gave us some great tips for prepping your raised beds for planting. Did you know that the top 3 - 4 inches contain all the good microbes? All that tilling and turning of your soil can acually destroy and improperly distribute all that good stuff. Sue suggests just top dressing your raised beds with Coast of Maine Lobster Compost. Preferably about a 1/2 inch per year. And for your containers, she recomends a blend of 1/2 Bar Harbor Premium Potting Soil to 1/2 Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost.

We didn't think it was possible to love Coast of Maine anymore then we did, but we were wrong! To learn more about Coast of Maine and their process, you can click here... or stop in an ask a Level Acres associate.

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We have expanded our line of Coast of Maine products to include:

QuoddyBlendQuoddy Blend Lobster Compost - OMRI

This is the original "seafood" compost. Made with chitin-rich lobster blended with peat and compost. The result is a dark-brown, complex soil that drains well and is ideal for conditioning beds and borders. Excellent for high yield, healthy vegetable gardens. This is their best Seller!

BarHarborBlendBar Harbor Blend Premium Potting Soil-OMRI

One of the very few approved organic soils on the market. Made with peat, perlite, lobster, cow manure compost, and kelp, designed for potting indoor and outdoor container plants. Water and fertilize less with this compost based dark brown, nutrient rich,potting soil. Available in 8 qt., 16 qt., 1 & 2 cubic foot bags

PenobscotBlendPenobscot Blend Complete Planting Mix

This is the product that launched the company! Our all-in-one planting mix for annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees or conditioning gardens, beds and borders. A rich, smooth blend of salmon and blueberry compost, tiny mussel shell fragments and peat. The shell fragments help aerate and add texture to your soil, which helps improve root growth

SchoodicBlendSchoodic Blend Cow Maure Compost

For those who prefer traditional manures as a source of nutrients and organic material. This is an all-purpose soil conditioner designed for gardens, beds and borders. Made with a blend of cow manure from Pineland Farms Natural Meats and peat humus.

complantfoodLobster and Kelp Plant Food - OMRI

Created to complement their truly unique Quoddy Lobster Compost, Lobster & Kelp plant food is a "super premium", granulated, organic approved fertilizer. Made with lobster, crab, fish and kelp meal plus worm castings and other important natural ingredients. It is high in calcium (6%) to help boost plant vigor and immunity and prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.

* Product info and pictures courtesy of Coast of Maine

*Helpful hints courtesy of Sue Lavalle, C.O.M. Sales Rep.