Level Acres Farm - Garden Center - Seasonal Harvest

Seeds Availability (05/31)

*availability is changing quickly. We'll update as often as possible but varieties may sell out*

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Soybean, Envy (organic)
Turnip, Purple Top White Globe (organic)
Swiss Chard, Five Color Silverbeet (organic)
Squash, Burgess Buttercup (organic)
Squash, Honey Boat Delicata
Herb, Cilantro (organic)
Radish, Early Scarlet Globe
Beet, Chioggia (organic)
Cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield (organic)
Carrot, Dragon
Carrot, Paris Market (organic)
Corn, Golden Bantam Improved (organic)
Lettuce, Red Salad Bowl
Lettuce, Forellenschluss
Melon, Amish (organic)
Pea, Green Beauty
Pea, Green Arrow 
Radish, Watermelon 
Nasturtium, Empress of India Flower

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Beans 'Bush Blue Lake' (Bush)
Beans 'Jade' (Bush)
Beet 'Detroit Dark Red'
Beet 'Early Wonder'
Cantaloupe 'Delicious 51'
Carrot 'Danvers Half Long'
Carrot 'Little Fingers'
Carrot 'Coreless Nantes'
Corn 'Kandy Korn'
Lettuce 'Buttercrunch'
Lettuce 'Mesclun Mix'
Parsley 'Italian Plain Leaf'
Peas 'Dwarf Grey Sugar'
Pumpkin 'Connecticut Field'
Pumpkin 'Jack O'Lantern'
Pumpkin 'Small Sugar'
Radish 'Champion'
Radish 'Cherry Belle'
Radish 'French Breakfast'
Spinach 'Bloomsdale'
Squash 'Cocozelle'
Squash 'Zucchini Black Beauty'
Squash 'Blue Hubbard'
Squash 'Honey Nut'
Squash 'Table Queen Acorn'
Swiss Chard 'Fordhook Giant'
Tomato 'Better Boy'
Tomato 'Mortgage Lifter'
Turnip ' Purple Top White Globe'
Morning Glory 'Mixed Colors'
Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue'
Nasturtium 'Glorius Gleam'
Nasturtium 'Jewel Mixed'
Sunflower 'Mammoth Russian'
Sunflower 'Teddy Bear'
Sunflower 'Velvet Queen'
Sweet Pea 'Bijou Mix'

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Bean (Bush) Nickel Baby
Bean (Pole) French Gold Filet
Bean (Pole) Spanish Musica
Bean (Pole) Tricolor
Beet Five Color Rain
Beet Merlin
Carrot Bolero Nantes French
Carrot Circus Tricolor
Cauliflower Purple Crush
Chard Neon Glow Mix
Cucumber Chelsea Prize
Cucumber Picking Endeavor
Kale Lacinato
Lettuce Container Sweetie
Lettuce Heirloom Cutting Mix
Lettuce Wine Country Mesclun
Melon Cantaloupe Mini Sugar Cube
Onion Scallions Delicious Duo
Pak Choi Baby Green Fortune
Pea Snow Oregon Giant
Pumpkin Cinderella’s Carriage
Radish Crimson Crunch
Radish Watermelon
Spinach Catalina Baby Leaf
Squash Winter Baby Honey Nut
Squash Winter Baby Spaghetti
Watermelon Personal Mini Love
Arugula Italian
Basil Queenette Thai
Cat Treats Gourmet Mixed Greens
Chives Fine Leaf
Dill Dukat Long-Standing
Poppy Hungarian Breadseed
Strawberry Alpine Mignonette
Cornflower Blue Boy
Larkspur Singing The Blues
Morning Glory Grandpa Ott’s
Morning Glory Mailbox Mix
Nasturtium Climbing Phoenix
Poppy Shirley Falling in Love
Salvia Butterfly Marble Arch
Sunflower Snack Seed Edible
Sweet Pea April in Paris Scented
Sweet Pea Fire and Ice
Zinnia Berry Basket Cutting
Zinnia Cool Crayon Colors
Zinnia State Fair Gold Medal