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Milk bottleGlass milk bottle from Level Acres, roughly 1950'sLevel Acres Farm....
a South Attleboro Tradition!

Level Acres Farm, 1996Level Acres Farm, 1996Level Acres Farm, 2004Level Acres Farm, 2004Level Acres Farm, 2004Level Acres Farm, 2012Level Acres Farm is a name that has long been associated with South Attleboro. Once the retail hub for acres of surrounding farmland, the stand has stood at the intersection of Route 123 and Adamsdale Road since the early 1900's. The farm was sold for housing development in the 1980's and the stand remained as a reminder of the city's agricultural history. Gone were the cornfields but the community gained hundreds of new home owners, invigorating the area.

Empty for a few years, the stand was reopened in the early 1990's. Over the last 20 years the building and grounds have been updated with an effort to retain the classic feel of the stand. Today we aim to continue the excellence that has long been associated with Level Acres Farm and are proud to operate a farm stand and garden center that grows with the season.

Our Mission

Level Acres Farm strives to provide high quality products and customer service. We aim to offer a pleasurable shopping experience with both convenience for quick purchases and leisurely browsing through our unique, diverse, and fun merchandise. We take pleasure in growing positive relationships with our customers, suppliers, and the community.